The Many Sad Fates of Mr. Toledano

New York Times Op-Docs (2016)
Director: Joshua Seftel

In his latest project, photographer Phil Toledano has become obsessed with his own future. Director Josh Seftel follows as Toledano uses DNA tests, fortune tellers, and a prosthetic makeup artist to envision the many dark possibilities that might await him, including obesity,desolation, stroke, isolation, suicide, and violent death. Over the course of three years, Toledano becomes dozens of characters and captures these bleak possibilities in a series of haunting photographs. Meanwhile, his wife and daughter worry that this project will leave Toledano unable to ever imagine a positive future. While on this journey, Toledano’s obsession alters him and his family forever.


“A comic, provocative film.”
– The Boston Globe

“An extraordinary set of images that challenge viewers to confront their fears.”
New York Times

“The future has many deadly faces.”
The Hollywood Reporter