Joshua Seftel
Joshua Seftel



Secret Life of Muslims: An Education
CBS Sunday Morning
The story of Richard McKinney, a former U.S. Marine who plotted to
blow up an Islamic Center in Muncie, IN and then became its President instead.

This American Life
An interracial pair travel through a still mostly-segregated society.

Calling Evel Knievel
A rememberance of the late daredevil and the time he hung up on me.

Knievel Embodied the American Dream
Evel Knieval is remembered as a "true American visionary"
and the man who hung up mid-interview.

I Caused the Blackout of 2003
The Daily Beast
A city-wide blackout shed a new light on New York City. 

Josh Seftel, and his mother, talk Oscars
CBS Sunday Morning
The 2014 Oscar nominees are discussed far from the red carpet. 

Josh Seftel Discusses his Series "Secret Life of Muslims"
CBS Sunday Morning
Bullied as a kid for being Jewish, Josh discusses his new series about Muslim identity

A Mother, A son, and an iPad
CBS Sunday Morning
The gift of an iPad from a son to his mother changes both of their lives.

The Many Sad Fates of Mr. Toledano
New York Times Op-Ed
 Mr. Toledano sets out to experience every one of his possible fates.


The Story Behind "My Mom on Movies"
CBS Sunday Morning
I discuss my mother's late rise to internet fame.