NOVA Science Now


The Emmy-nominated PBS series, NOVA scienceNOW, is a fast-paced, innovative and entertaining science program. Seftel Productions creates many artful profiles and in-depth reports for the series, including a profile of “Digital Detective” Hany Farid who is inventing new ways to detect fake photos; a story hosted by Mo Rocca about a cutting-edge method to control the human brain called TMS; and a profile of Neurobiologist Andre Fenton who has discovered how to erase memories. Recent productions include profiles of computer scientist Adrien Treuille who is inventing crowd-sourced computer games to combat diseases; cognitive psychologist Sian Beilock, who has developed techniques to keep people cool under pressure; and Yoshi Kohno, a computer scientist who tries to stay one step ahead of hackers.


“[It] will leave laymen of almost any age feeling smarter and better informed.”
– New York Times