Joshua Seftel
Joshua Seftel



This American Life
An interracial pair travel through a still mostly-segregated society.

Calling Evel Kneivel
A rememberance of the late daredevil and the time he hung up on me.

Kneivel Embodied the American Dream
Evel Kneival is remembered as a "true American visionary"
and the man who hung up mid-interview.

I Caused the Blackout of 2003
The Daily Beast
A city-wide blackout shed a new light on New York City. 

Josh Seftel, and his mother, talk Oscars
CBS Sunday Morning
The 2014 Oscar nominees are discussed far from the red carpet. 

A Mother, A son, and an iPad
CBS Sunday Morning
The gift of an iPad from a son to his mother changes both of their lives.

The Many Sad Fates of Mr. Toledano
New York Times Op-Ed
 Mr. Toledano sets out to experience every one of his possible fates.


The Story Behind "My Mom on Movies"
CBS Sunday Morning
I discuss my mother's late rise to internet fame.